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Yes, the Warmists are a catastrophe.

Here are the comments deleted from the vile 10.10 video posted on youtube.

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  • Step one, dehumanise victims - Check
    Step two, desensitise your army with "humour" to make the unacceptable acceptable - Check
    Step three, ensure that your army knows they'd better not step out of line - Check

  • Glad to see you have the courage of your convictions, you swivel eyed fucking eco-wowsers. Put it back up. Let the whole world see how you lot really think: that those who don't meekly fall into line with you are worthless and deserve no more than a quick though messy death. Still, no matter. There are plenty of copies out there already.

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  • I would like to thank the 1010 Campaign for producing the most successful piece of global warming propaganda ever.....for those of us who label the movement as insane, deadly and outright evil.
    I am burning an entire bag of Kingsford charcoal on October 10th. Rain or shine.

  • Okay, just a show of hands. Who's keen on working hard labour at a concentration camp for free? Anyone? No pressure, no pressure. Okay, you two, right to the gas chambers

  • Do not ever forget. The zionists must be stopped before they take over another layer of society. They are exactly like termites. Note how rahm is bailing on responsibility for the stalinism he engendered nationally, and plans on simply taking Chicago. He ought to be running for the hills. Now he'll control a country AND a city.

  • In response to this video, my family and friends have committed ourselves to increasing our carbon footprints by 10% per annum for the foreseeable future.

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  • watch?v=sSTLDel-G9k

  • Wow. Just wow. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.
    If you're gonna make tasteless, shock-jock fascistic propaganda, at least do it well. "Disagree and we'll blow you up! It's funny! We'll even do it to your kids! hahaha!!!!". Goebbels must be spinning in his grave.
    This will do nothing for any environmental cause. Nothing. How much money was wasted on his? How much carbon emissions?

  • ha!
    so its been taken down.
    don't worry, it was stored in people's browser cache.
    will come back to haunt ya :)

  • luckily, i have no further trust in mankind to loose.
    they relabeled this, i don`t even have a word for this, at least not in english, humanity-fucking probably fit, over the last couple ours several times more. and now, these sissies are trying to pull back and sell this as "tongue-in-mouth-comedy".
    we got rid of normal fascism, we are soon to finsih communism, we still have to deal with islamistic dickheads, and now, tada, eco-fascism.
    it this world wouldn`t have gorgeous women - suicide!

  • I... I... lost for words.
    I mean, okay, the eco-fascists would love to do this, but why did they make this video? Even from their position it doesn't make any sense; it deliberately portrays them as barbarians. What message are we supposed to take from this?

  • You can call it tongue-in-cheek all you like, 241 people (so far) disagree with you. You are fantasizing with destroying those who disagree with you. Stop covering your arses, show some spine, and admit you were wrong to produce this odious piece of crap.

  • Love the film. Richard Curits is not a hypocrite. He's rich and so has various properties. He can only stay in one at a time. There's no extra carbon emissions from having more than 1 property... as long as they're well insulated and energy efficient. We should cut emissions and use more renewable energy now.

  • @mojacarben Even if they're well insulated and energy efficient, those proeprties still consume energy. Also, they're a empty property he doesn't actually need, and they're a proeprty someone else could be living in, and for that someone else another property has to be built, which is of course a very engery consuming process.

  • @pxyzyzygy They can consume next to nothing if everything is unplugged while no-one is there. Need? Who needs anything? There's a healthy surplus of housing in all Western countries so no need for rich people to be limited to 1 house without building other houses for people who don't have them... but that's a side point. This is a campaign to raise awareness and make people take everyday choices to cut their carbon footprint. It's not anti-rich marxist propaganda and doesn't set out to be.

  • I agree with jaar2001 - please don't flag this for removal - people need to see this shit and the true face of eco-fascism

  • Revolting, Disgusting, Bullying-Blow up anyone who doesnt follow the party line-next stop a comedy by Richard Curtis about Dachau

  • Producer Richard Curtis? Oh yeah, he’s the guy with 4 kids, and houses in Notting Hill, Walberswick and Henley. The fucking hypocrite.

  • When you click at the thumb-down, there is a "report this video" button. It makes sense to report this video pretty much in all categories - violent content, physical assult, torturing of children, dangerous work with explosives, and many others. I think you may try to report it several times.

  • @lumajs Excellent idea. Reported the video as "Violent, repulsive content", which is a perfectly accurate description.

  • @MisterHughes please dont flag this video, it exposes who these people really are. this is the most conter-productive piece of propaganda ever.

  • @jaar2001 Dear jaar2001, you're wrong.
    Many viewers "in the middle" will actually be scared into obedience by this film. I am almost scared myself. Only those who have been "resolute independent minds" for quite some time will dare to express their negative feelings.
    What this video needs is to be labeled as official distasteful, bullying piece of propaganda - so that people who depend on "official decisions" know that the climate alarmists are "officially" a fascist criminal organization.

  • I thought this was being sacrasticly made, but they are serious? wtf

  • I thought this video was put out by an oil company who were taking the piss out of the greeny-nazis ROFL
    What an own-goal !

  • Unadulterated brainwash. The intentions are all in place but Dr Goebbels would be appalled by the execution of this propaganda. Surely it's too crude even for dullards who swallow this c r a p?

  • @MrDrugam - Fascism is so poorly executed these days. None of the nuance and artistry of the original propaganda.

  • "heeey we wanna kill all of you.... but don't worry, it's just a wet fantasy, a joke really. In that joke you are all blown up to pieces for showing up dissent! Ahah, but don't worry, it's all a joke, we really don't mean it. We just find it funny you dissenters all blown to hell! Ahah, aint that funny, you people being blown up because you dared to disagree? Come on, don't be such pussies! It's an explosive comedy, ya know? And if you don't like it, perhaps you should be blown up. No pressure!"

  • Is there anyway we can build an incinerator, fill it to the top with tree hugging ice lovers, and burn them alive to produce heat for the taxpayer and fill the atmosphere with healthy co2?

  • "Yes, we know we're not actually allowed to kill people who disagree with us, but with we thought we'd make a funny film to show that we'd really like to."
    Lovely bright day here, but thanks to to this odious production I thought I'd turn on all my lights though. All 100 watt incandescent bulbs too, none of your too-dim energy saving shit, either. I've stockpiled them, 95% percent of the energy wasted as heat! That's how I like 'em!
    I'll have a carbon footprint like Godzilla by sundown!

  • Funded by taxes?

  • Trying to make out that the non sheep are in the minority is a bloody lie for a start, & i notice they still call it "CARBON" so people think of that dark grey solid matter that looks dirty, ITS FECKING CO2 A HARMLESS GAS YOU YOGHURT KNITTING MORONS, if i see this in a cinema i will walk out & insist on my money back, & i suggest everyone do the same, i go to enjoy myself & not to be brainwashed by a consortium of con artists & blinkered eco warriors who need a reality check.,,,, 10:10 fcuk you.

  • Haven't laughed so hard since Al Beach House Gore's sci-fi fantasy horror flick. These eco-fascists do them selves no favours LMAO

  • Please explain how the graphic depiction of schoolchildren being blown to pieces with their classmates being covered in the residue of their innards is supposed to promote an environmentally safe lifestyle?
    This video uses imagery that the young computer game playing kids of today can digest. The enemies of the earth will be fragged to pieces. Brainwashing propaganda by the mentally ill liars for the dumbed down enslaved.

  • Greenpeace activists have already threatened 'skeptics'. Remember the we 'no who you are and where you are!' Remember the video of the boy in the hood threatening people when he grows up, and now this!!

  • innapropriate, stupid and you should be ashame of yourself, this video is one of the worst a saw in my life,

  • Like, f*****g like!

  • I fully support 10:10 but this campaign video sends out completely the wrong message. Violence, even mockingly depicted, is NOT what the green movement is about and it is not the way forward for convincing people to consider their carbon footprints.
    PLEASE don't judge the 10:10 campaign on this video - this video is an ill-thought-out mistake, in my opinion and the opinion of many other 10:10 supporters.

  • @mysticmegthepeg I know. It's great isn't it! Perhaps in the next video they could press a button where it automatically shoots themselves in the foot.

  • @mysticmegthepeg It's not even cartoonist or mocking violence, it's sadistic violence.

  • If you were looking for a way to attract the uncommitted, this is exactly the way *not* to do it.

  • You have to hand it to Richard Curtis, he caught the exasperated look of "My teacher is such a violent self-righteous bitch" perfectly.

  • not funny because it's true

  • This is sick, sick, sick. Whoever made it needs to go and see a psychiatrist because I seriously question their mental health. The only people who might find it remotely funny would those of the ilk of James Lee et al!

  • Okay, I make a film blowing up every MP that fiddled their expenses....Police visit the next day?

  • @Llamehtdos2 not next day,that night when youre sleeping,crashing in your windows with gasmasks in a hazy blur of tazers and truncheons and teargas.with the theme tune "bad boys" playing loudly.then they will waterboard your ass till you confess every thought crime youve entertained.

  • This is sick, sick, sick. Whoever made it needs to go and see a psychiatrist because I seriously question their mental health. The only people who might find it remotely funny would those of the ilk of James Lee et al!

  • hah you just have to love that propaganda about global warming aka climata change aka climate desruption aka whatever new name they come up with when their fraud is exposed. so whats the message here? dissent and you get killed? whats next? a vacation to a slave labour camp with execution after you repaid your carbon debt? all that crap about CO2, we need more of it not less. more co2 more plant life, more crops, more food, less hunger.

  • Coming Soon in Episode 2: Nuclear strike on Sub-Saharan Africa for having the tenacity to industrialise itself out of poverty.
    Perhaps you could blow up a doctor as he refrigerates some immunisation jabs or something.

  • So.... if I don't join 10:10 you are threatening to kill me?

  • I don't think the warming alarmists could have made their anger and desperation at the final collapse of their ludicrous scam more obvious if they tried. Utterly vile and completely counter-productive.
    10:10 is a bad joke, Franny Armstrong is just an idiot, and Richard Curtis hasn't had a funny idea in his entire life. Even Blackadder only got worth watching from the second series, after Ben Elton started to co-write.

  • Is this some sort of joke? How on earth could anyone think that this would actually convince people to get behind 1010? Do as we say or we kill you?

  • What a piece of crap!! A fab example of how NOT to motivate people. And calling the spot a "comedy " is about as accurate as calling limb amputation with no aenesthesia "orgasmic". Also does a great job of showing what happens in fiefdom when some of the sheep can actually think for themselves. Real-life examples of this behaviour exist already. Just ask Barry Jennings. Oops, sorry you can't. He's dead.

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  • Medieval warm period. Malaria in Kent. Thank God those peasants cut down their emissions. The bankers have already developed the carbon trading systems and allocated the spolis, now they're selling the myth, a handy myth which creates fear, so that people shelter in the power of their governments. Abysmal fascist propaganda in the style of Peta histrionics. No one doubts that energy availability is limited, but let's do without the Platonic Myth peddling eh?

  • Just a tad passive aggressive.

  • More than 40% of the IPCC report was based on non-peer reviewed material -- much of it activist propaganda (Greenpeace, WWF, etc). These agenda-driven "scientists" have just recently admitted that their climate models are a crock: they admit the sun has more effect than previously thought, and the oceans have a cooling effect they didn't consider. None of them have considered the effect of clouds. Real science has no consensus, regardless of what some eco-terrorists say.

  • this video is made of pure FAIL

  • They dream up a fantastic little button to solve their climate change nonsence... it shows how they really do live in a phantasmagorical distopia based on a fantasy...

  • @Yinepuhotep I'm afraid not - 1934 was (and is) the 3rd hottest year on record IN THE US, but that is no argument against GLOBAL warming. The US makes up less than 2% of the world's land mass, and there will always be regional or yearly anomalies that buck the trend. The fact is, 1934 (the hottest year of the 30s) is only the 47th hottest year globally. Furthermore, the ten hottest years have all occurred since 1998 and 2010 is set to join that top 10 in place of 2004.

  • @thebigjoe100 Is that before, or after, you subtract the falsified data?

  • @thebigjoe100
    Did you know 91.3% of statistics are wank. And that repeating the vague assertions of humiliated climatologists hopelessly clinging to their nonsensical unscientific methods and failed theories, is hilariously entertaining.

  • Fear is the worst motivator for constructive action and this ad will do incredible damage to its very own cause. Honestly I never known anyone swayed by the argument "do it...or else". Mediocre at best and even the shock value seems gratuitous.

  • After that video even if I need only walk 100 meters, I'll do it by car :)

  • It appears that the writer of this video, Richard Curtis, has three houses and four children. That is two houses and two children more than the designated amount allowed by the "green" orthodoxy. I look forward to seeing him blow them up too.

  • It occurs to me the world is suffering from a massive sense of humour failure. I really don't think they mean that everyone who doesn't adhere to 10:10 will be destroyed. Honestly, I don't. Personally I'm going to support the cause, rather than panning it.

  • @avelingartworks So, if we objected to a clip showing a Taliban blowing up a Jewish child, we would also be suffering from "a massive sense of humour failure"?

  • @Yinepuhotep Shall we focus on the true message of this clip, which is that we have a warming climate that could seriously affect the future of *mankind* ?

  • @avelingartworks The true message? You mean the "Do what we say or we'll kill you" message?

  • @avelingartworks Do you not realize that the steps required to stop CO2 emissions could also seriously affect the future of mankind?

  • @ZeroRed78 Teach me something...

  • @avelingartworks Can't really teach much in 475 characters, but just think that almost every single thing you use throughout the day required fuels that release CO2. Our entire history since the industrial revolution is based on mostly fossil fules. Any solution that raises the price of that energy is going to make everything more expensive. That means you can buy less and companies have to produce less. That leads to lost jobs which means even less gets bought and so on.

  • @avelingartworks
    Exploding people funny? Wow... call the doctor and bring the restraints. I bet you think those suicide bombers must be hilarious.
    Sick tactics of fear. Nothing more than media terrorism.

  • @constructorx Oh dear. You're really missing the point. Why be literal?

  • @avelingartworks The videos message is do as we say or die. Simple.
    This is not 'funny' or light hearted in any way. The message is loud and clear. Do as we say or we blow you to bits. It is demonisation, fear and hate.
    This will be looked at in 50 years in the same light as other hate filled propaganda of the past.

  • @avelingartworks If the same video were made, but it were Taliban and Jews, or Fundamentalists and gays, or National Front and Indians, would you still find it humorous?

  • @Yinepuhotep Look, you are really missing the point here. The exploding aspect of the video is not the focus. You are creating issues that are not there. I suppose the clip has failed on some levels because you are ignoring the message that climate change is a serious issue, that will affect our children, and our children's children.

  • @avelingartworks YOU are missing the point here. Terrorist threats are NOT the way to successfully make a point. In fact, terrorist threats are ONLY used by a movement that is FAILING. You still have not answered ANY of those who have asked what I did. WOULD YOU STILL FIND IT HUMOROUS?

  • @Yinepuhotep The way you pitch it, clearly not. That would be a different video, with a different message, and one inciting racial hatred. I would suggest that you stop wasting your breath on this one, and target other videos on the web that genuinely do have aggressive motives. You have good intentions, which are currently being misdirected.

  • @avelingartworks Like this one, you mean? The aggressive motives in this one are as clear as a facial tattoo

  • @avelingartworks If this were really the truth, then should not those with the biggest single sooty footprint not be leading by example. The truth of this myth is best exposed by an examination of the physical properties of CO2. What a shame this aspect has been omitted.
    The real cause for the changes we see in the planets climate are twofold, the first is as it has always been, the sun and cosmos. The second is the deployment of geoengineering (HAARP).

  • Won't be brainwashed, eh? Then you'll have to die. How wonderfully witty.
    Your argument is so strong you feel murder is the only solution for those who disagree? Well done, I hope the bullet holes in your feet fester.

  • Absolutely disgusting. These people really are fascists. Utter and complete intellectual bankruptcy. No wonder then that fascist little rags like the Guardian like it so much.

  • Absolutely disgusting. These people really are fascists. Utter and complete intellectual bankruptcy. No wonder then that fascist little rags like the Guardian like it so much.

  • One word: fascistic .

  • @The1010Campaign
    I am on your side of the argument, but I can't help feel that this will only serve to further entrench the deniers. You need some justification for the 'blowing up', perhaps Franny Armstrong:
    "We 'killed' five people to make No Pressure – a mere blip compared to the 300,000 real people who now die each year from climate change."

  • @thebigjoe100 Oh yes, the mythical 300,000 people. No justification.

  • @thebigjoe100 The only deniers are those who deny that global warming is a bunch of bullshit. It's easy to entrench in defense of reality.

  • This is a modern day Nazi propaganda poster. Demonisation, fear and death.

  • It is clear these people are just a bunch of fascists and Nazis - lying scum and intimidating people with their watermelon brainwashing - that is why I despise this trash - here are the links to the Nazis
    Google up
    AIM dot org hitlers-green-killing-machine/
    AND emerging corruption nazi-dreams-were-green-dreams/

  • Stupid film made by EcoNazi idiots. IT was proved that the science this is based on was all lies. How? Because there were emails between people at CRU telling each other to lie and falsify the results. Another example of idiots jumping on a political bandwagon. It won't affect us, we won't explode, and the human race will be just fine.

  • So, the message of this video is take part in the 10:10 Campaign or you will be killed? That sounds rather Fascistic.

  • Change the audio voice script to another issue such as the Israeli settlements or any other issue. This then shows how sick this really is.

  • @motoxmainia What do you mean by a pollutant? If you mean it isn't toxic, fair enough, but CO2 IS a greenhouse gas. No credible scientist can deny that.
    No-one wants to remove ALL the CO2 from the atmosphere (as we'd all die). We need to get the amount down to a safe level though, so that runaway warming can't happen - this is simple risk-management.
    1999-2009 was the hottest decade on record. And 2010 is already said to be one of the warmest years ever. How is that not warming?

  • @thebigjoe100-go educate your self you have been spoon fed junk science are you a fully socially engineered troll ?
    try this
    thinking for your self 

  • @thebigjoe100 Bzzzzt! Wrong answer! REAL SCIENCE shows that 1999-2009 was NOT the hottest decade on record, and 2010 can't compare to even ONE of the hot years from the 30s.

  • Comment removed

  • Ginola blowing up is priceless, "because he's worth it".
    But what a response below, such hysteria. For the energy oligarchs like those of us who are clean from hot water and are currently staring at a screen in a heated building, this video is a timely reminder that we need to change our ways in order to preserve living conditions on earth. We can go green simply by reducing our consumption. When you start to value more than 'prosperity', you're life is healthier, better and more fun (-:

  • @pheeeew But surely you'd never wish to change places with a poor Somalian child, would you? Bet they think know that prosperity is pretty important. Capitalism, and the wealth it brings, is a necessary backdrop to an enriched life. Cutting consumption is not the answer to the threat of AGW (if it's actually real that is).

  • People dont *just* be eco friendly because you force them to. Most of us in this day and age are struggling JUST TO GET A LIVING, that means getting to work on time. Nowadays alot of people have more than one job, so forcing them to think healthier Earth is OF COURSE NOT GOING TO APPEAL TO THEM.

  • The "climate sceptics" are the same people who, in the 70's', we re convinced that CFC's had nothing to do with ozone depletion and shouldn't be banned, and in the 50's were convinced that tobacco was good for you because that's what the tobacco companies said.

  • @ziqueez That's like the Church saying that Agnostics are nothing more than Heretics who aren't willing to openly admit to being Heretics.

  • @Yinepuhotep I'm sorry, what were you saying? That guy who's convinced that CFC have nothing to do with ozone depletion despite overwhelming scientific evidence interrupted me.

  • @ziqueez There is just as much overwhelming scientific evidence for CFC causing ozone depletion as there was overwhelming spiritual evidence that Agnostics were Heretics.

  • @Yinepuhotep Really? The agnostics were deemed to be heretics in peer-reviewed journals using established scientific methods to prove their hereticm? And here I was, thinking the scientific method hadn't even been discovered back then.

  • @ziqueez The justification for their executions were just as solid as the claims of scientific "peer-review" made by the AGW crowd. You know, the ones who conspired to deny review to any scientist who was able to present data that did not support their "consensus", and conspired to support each others' falsifications of data.

  • @ziqueez By the way Al, it took 20 years but they now realize that the chemistry that depletes ozone in that region is based on nitrogen and sunlight. It's not our fault, once again.

  • @motoxmainia Ugh... point proven.

  • @ziqueez The former publication gave the misleading impression that the 'science is settled' - the new guide accepts that important questions remain open and uncertainties unresolved. "The Royal Society now also agrees with the GWPF that the warming trend of the 1980s and 90s has come to a halt in the last 10 years," said Dr Benny Peiser, the Director of the GWPF
    The royal society

  • WARNING: If you don't like Al Gore then you are in agreement with 99% of the sensible population.

  • Silly video, serious message.

  • @widowtwanky
    I think you got that the wrong way round friend.

  • @CHo0ZE
    I dont friend

  • @widowtwanky What message?

  • We need to denounce the SERIOUS double standards in this video. Would it be OK if someone made a video about blowing up atheists, agnostics, christians, muslims, jews, blacks, whites, asians, left-wing people, right-wing people?
    And now, all of a sudden, it's OK to fantasize about dealing gruesome deaths to people who don't support the 10:10 initiative?
    I'm saving this video on my hard drive. I want the shame of this to remain, even if you delete it from Youtube.

  • Hm, looks like OP is deleting sensible high rated comments <_<

  • Comment removed

    This video is MEDIA TERRORISM
    The has a series of characters that are using fear and terror to enforce the lie of warming (warming is the argument not 'climate change', 'change' includes cooling).
    The charachters kill by explosion those that are not pro-climate change. Those that are undecided are killed. Those that are agnostic are killed. Those that are against are killed.
    REMIX THIS VIDEO FOR OTHER ISSUES (pro-settlements?). This would highlight how sick it really is.

  • Follow the money and you will find out who will really benefit from this nonsense. Al Gore and the oil companies have invested massively in promoting Global warming/Climate change/ Disruption and have their fingers in the carbon trading scam. Now the governments want a cut of the action and are using it as another tax and wealth redistribution scam.
    Wake up suckers - While you fanny about with Co2 the real pollution goes un-challenged.

  • Can't say I feel inspired...

  • isn't this movie mocking eco-fascists? i can't believe this is serious propaganda.

  • @jaar2001 That was my first thought, until I followed the links and discovered that it was produced by a REAL eco-fascist group.

  • If the people being killed belonged to any other group of society (homosexuals, religious minorities or zealots, any race other than Caucasian, the disabled etc) then this video would be seen as hateful, vicious and evil. The calls for its banning would be defeaning and the producers and writers might be up on criminal charges. I can see where the comedic element comes from but this has the potential to harm people for thinking independently. The thought police are here....

  • Is this a threat? It sure looks like one to me. Whatever little support I may have had for ecological initiatives has vanished before this fascist display of violence and intolerance.
    You think you're tough? Bring it on, fascists, bring it on.

    This video is MEDIA TERRORISM.
    The has a series of characters that are using fear and terror to enforce the lie of warming (warming is the argument not 'climate change', 'change' includes cooling).
    The charachters kill by explosion those that are not pro-climate change. Those that are undecided are killed. Those that are agnostic are killed. Those that are against are killed.
    REMIX THIS VIDEO FOR OTHER ISSUES (pro-settlements?). This would highlight how sick it really is.

  • Hello? Gillian Anderson didn't get any money for this, she did it for charity, like the other celebs... gosh, use your brains.

  • @svay24 Which, of course, is why they blew her up, too. After all, doing it for charity isn't enough when you're dealing with zealots.

  • @svay24 Not reading comments before replying to them now?

  • A brilliant advert! Propaganda is obviously the business to be in, that and alarmist non evidence-based science.

  • hahaha! Pressing a button and casually exploding people for not going along with something that is absurd and based completely on fraud is so funny! Almost as funny as rounding up the warmistas and pulling their teeth out with pliers one by one. See, I also have a "sense of humor" !

  • You're fucking crazy!

  • Wow, you are some sick folks, whomever made this video. Also, is that a threat?

  • Absolutely disgusting!!!. This video is a disgrace in all senses.

  • Excellent video, I hope it encourages some action. The more scared climate ostriches watch this video and are disgusted the better. We are all sharing the same earth and sharing the same future. The crime of destroying our climate, oceans or any other part of the earth’s ecosystem is a slow and subtle death by inaction. With 7 billion people on earth little actions or inactions, collectively make a big difference.

  • WTF is this? Go green or we kill you? Would f'ing stupid advertising you should all be ashamed... or maybe just sent outside and (as already said) no pressure.

  • Nice parody about those stupid eco-fascists who don't have a clue about concepts like democracy or science. If it's not a parody - greetings, Heil Gore! No, seriously, get lost.

  • This is a particularly nasty piece of propaganda, what ever the so-called humourous intent behind it, the insinuation is clear - 'non-believers' must die. Dehumanizing the victim makes things easier!
    One good thing, if the eco-mentalists have to resort to these kind of tactics then it means they are losing the argument.

  • Now, blowing Gillians up isnt funny! I almost got a heart attack.

  • Green porn. Snuff movies, for those who hate humanity's advancement and wish to reverse it.

  • I am sooooo tired of this horse-shit on CO2. This is a disgusting movie and whoever devised it should be exploded.

  • Pure fascism.

  • Goebbels would be so proud

  • Lefty wibble: you die if you don't conform, no matter how stupid the idea
    (and if you conform, you'll die another way. Trust us, we're the Left and we wanna rule you, dead or alive!)

  • At least they wasn't put in CO2 gas chamber. The Greens fascists just want to blow you up if you don't agree with them. What a f~@king sick group of people these are!!! At least the public are beginning to see this scam for want it is. Follow the Money!!!!!!!!!

  • This really is the most disturbing, nasty, patronising and bullying piece of eco-facism I have yet seen....So the message here is that unless you take some pointless, self-regarding action like take the train to work, you deserve to die a horrible death; or we, the eco saints, will come and kill you. That's nice isn't it? Now we see the true illiberal, viscious mindset of these 'campaigners'

  • Interesting that the ad explicitly acknowledges the totalitarian mind set of warmenists.

  • How funny. Ha ha.
    This coming from someone who agrees in principle, but feels ever more alienated by dogmatic, and now, fascist, arseholes like you.

  • Group-think at its worst. How much did this cost and who's paying for it? And why?

  • Franny Armstrong is always a bit extreme, but 10:10 do some amazing stuff and this is obviously meant in good spirit. How can you not find the business guy funny??

  • Well I thought it was funny, apologies for not being as angry as some you guys

  • @rossabroad It was funny. But it was also revealing of the fantasies that creep inside the mind of these genocidal lunatics, who will lie to you about respecting your freedom while secretly pressing a button to blow you out. Perhaps the only thing about the video that is great is its blatant honesty. Now we see the envirofascists for whom they are.... and don't get me wrong. I never voted for the right wing, I'm always preaching green techs et al.

  • @LuisManuelLealDias whoa, relax, your blood pressure will get you long before the climate change does

  • @rossabroad Ah, don't worry about my blood pressure. It won't make me explode. You should worry about those snarky scientists making mad inventions to put into the hands of fascists :)

  • @LuisManuelLealDias pretty sure no one's ever going to blow up school kids with a red button for not actively taking part, nor Dana Scully for that matter, though I did hear the last X-files film was awful

  • @rossabroad Approximately 200 million in the 20th century alone.

  • @Yinepuhotep I didn't think that many people watched the x-files movie

  • @rossabroad Nothing to do with movies. Leftist governments have killed over 200 million in the 20th century alone.

  • @Yinepuhotep you must have a pretty hefty chiropractor bill from all that looking over your shoulder

  • @rossabroad English, please? Your statement is nonsensical.

  • @Yinepuhotep read it again, it isn't, but if it was a nonsensical statement it would be in the right place here amongst all these

  • @rossabroad still no sense in what you said. No relationship to reality at all, in fact.

  • @Yinepuhotep the only reality here is that you have way too much time on your hands which you are spending taking this far too seriously.

  • @rossabroad Pot, meet kettle.

  • @Yinepuhotep I'm sure he's a very good friend of yours, but I have to point out I'm taking very little of this seriously and unlike yourself I'm not commenting various individual's posts throughout this stream

  • @rossabroad You sure this machine isn't invented yet? How perceptive of you! The issue here is one of psychology, not of red buttons, of course. I didn't even recognize Anderson in the video, hmmm...

  • @LuisManuelLealDias I'm a big fan of perception, you seem to be a fan of stating the obvious

  • @rossabroad This from the dude that states that no one will press a red button to make people explode. Really.

  • @LuisManuelLealDias hey, I had to say that, there's some pretty scared people on here. There's a post above this that refers to "sadistic violence, anyone would think it was a trailer for Saw or Hostel

  • @rossabroad And the rest of the people *have* to say that this clip is itself a freudian slip of the most blatant type I've ever come up with. It's like when someone tries to seduce a girl and in the middle of a talk, he manages to say "I wanna fuck you", thinking how funny it is. Perhaps some virgin wankers will also find it funny, and laugh at the moment, but then you look back and the girl is gone and spreading the fact that you are a perverted moron. This is how this clip feels.

  • @LuisManuelLealDias or spreading her legs and enjoying the moment, I'll leave you to come up with your freudian slips

  • @rossabroad I'm good at freudian slicks ahhh slips.

  • Haha! David Ginola.... what a guy.

  • I honestly cannot believe what I have just watched, gobsmacked!!!

  • Nauseating , propaganda of the most hateful kind made worse by the fact that the whole premise is based on a complete fiction. Atmospheric CO2 is currently about 385 parts per million of which mankind is responsible for about 15 ppm. Of this the UK contributes 1.84% or 0.276 of one part per million- and reducing this by 10% ie removing one molecule out of every 36.25 million is going to make a difference to anything? Don't make me laugh .

  • Imagine christians did a similar video against people who don't share their belief. Or a white supremacist group...That would spark an immediate outrage in the media right?
    Well not for these climate nazis. They have "the truth" and you're either with them or against them. Using the same tactics of GW's "war on terror". Don't even consider standing against them, because you'll promptly be labeled as a "terrorist". How's that for a totalitarian approach?

  • God help us!

  • You know, once upon a time, there were people who were "inspired" as your movie "inspires" people. Perhaps you've heard of them? Pol Pot, Mao, the Taliban, the Tamil Tigers, Stalin, Abraham Lincoln, and, of course, everyone's favorite, Mr. Hitler. Odd, how every single one who has been "inspired", or "fired up" as you wants us to be, was responsible for the slaughter of a large proportion of the human beings who came under his control.
    Is that your REAL message? That we should all die?

  • Remember folks, this is how nasty the Greenshirts are: murder is easy and justified.

  • I'm generally strongly in favour of people using less energy, and re-cycling.
    But right now I want to drive several hundred miles in an SUV to get myself a huge polar bear steak and then eat it outside in the middle of winter with my patio heater on maximum. Just to send a great big "f*ck you" to the people who made this video.

  • @DavidUK84 Same here, I couldn't have put it better. Thumbs up.

  • They even have the two 'skeptics' sat on their own before the 'indoctrinator' makes the announcement. How contrived?

  • @The1010Campaign I think you need to catch up on current affairs
    Co2 is NOT a pollutant
    The planet has not significantly warmed
    Here is a thought for you
    what would happen to all living things if you removed all Co2 from the atmosphere?

  • @motoxmainia
    no one wants to remove all co2.. a) this is silly b) it is completely impossible anyway.
    if you would at least pay some attention on current affairs, you would have noticed that the issue is to REDUCE co2 emissions as much as it's possible, as it contributes significantly to the warming of the planet, which leads to crazy weather and increased amount of natural disasters.
    This is what the game is all about, not the complete removal of co2.

  • @motoxmainia
    What a doughnut. “Co2 is not a pollutant”! You need to start learning from a school that isn’t run by Exxon. Try breathing pure co2 for a while and then say its not a pollutant.

  • @kaieteurdevon
    Tell that to a tree retard, in case you hadn't noticed humans aren't the only species on this planet.

  • @CHo0ZE Trees like CO2, what's the problem? :)

  • @noobyfromhell
    You'd have to read his comment, he was trying to claim that CO2 is toxic.

  • @noobyfromhell The problem is, one of your fellow posters claimed that CO2 is a pollutant, which, by definition, is a substance that is toxic to ALL forms of life.

  • @Yinepuhotep IMO there's nothing wrong in casually calling CO2 a pollutant, although 'greenhouse gas' would be more a precise term.

  • @noobyfromhell By that logic, one could just as safely call carbohydrates poisonous.

  • @Yinepuhotep I'm just saying that you can't expect the public to understand the subtle differences in ecological jargon. There are times when being pedantic is important, and there are times when you can let it slide.

  • @kaieteurdevon Here, I'll put my ferns, scotch pines, roses, and petunias in that pure CO2 atmosphere for a while. They've been looking a bit peaked.

  • @Yinepuhotep
    It’s a dumb argument to say co2 isn’t a pollutant. It’s an argument propagated by Exxon and other companies tied to earning profits from the burning of the planet, you should look into it. If 7 billion people are burning fossil fuels, guess what? It gives of pollutants. CO2 being one of them. To argue plants like co2, so keep burning fossil fuels is dumb and short sighted.

  • @kaieteurdevon If you believe that, you must also believe that the ultimate solution is to reduce the human population. After all, if there aren't 7 billion people, then there aren't 7 billion people burning fossil fuels. Your argument demonstrates your ignorance of the carbon cycle, and your disdain for human beings.

  • @Yinepuhotep The size of the human population is not the problem; it’s the choices and actions of parts of the human population that IS the problem.
    The argument that co2 is not a pollutant is a dumb argument propagated by the greed of Exxon and other oil companies, because they are stuck and addicted to burning dirty fossil fuels.

  • @kaieteurdevon
    My understanding of a pollutant is something that causes harm to the environment. Plants grow larger and faster in atmospheres of higher CO2. Some animals eat those plants, humans eat plants and other animals. Sounds like a healthy eco-system to me. Why try and change it?

  • @CHo0ZE It’s a dumb argument to say co2 isn’t a pollutant. It’s an argument propagated by Exxon and other companies tied to earning profits from the burning of the planet, you should look into it. If you think co2 isnt a pollutant, try breathing pure co2 for a while!

  • @kaieteurdevon People don't breathe co2... plants do. Take co2 away from plants and they die. Your argument is idiotic. Try putting a person under water for a while! Sigh...

  • @constructorx If you think co2 isn’t a pollutant try ‘breathing’ pure co2 and see if you survive, then say it’s not toxic, poisonous or a pollutant. That’s exactly the point, co2 in the atmosphere is normal and natural, but as we are pumping billions of tons of co2 into our atmosphere each year, it is obvious to most it has consequences. The argument that co2 is not a pollutant is a dumb argument propagated by the greed of Exxon and other oil companies.

  • @kaieteurdevon co2 is REQUIRED for life on earth.
    If you breathe pure co2 you will die.
    If you breathe pure water you will die.
    If you breathe pure oxygen you will die.
    It is not about co2 be ing a poison. co2 can not and will not reach 1/100th the levels required for that to happen. You make no sense. You are damaging the pro-climate change movement by saying such things so please continue.

  • @constructorx Co2 is NOT required to be pumped into the atmosphere in the billions of tons per year by us humans burning fossil fuels.
    Exxon paid for the study co2 is life to encourage consumers to carry on burning and stop caring about the consequences. Co2 is a greenhouse gas and needs addressing.

  • @kaieteurdevon If you believe that, I have a few megacorps worth of carbon credits to sell you.

  • @kaieteurdevon
    That energy company profits argument is wank, they pass all their losses on to the consumer. I wonder if you can comprehend the potential profits that carbon trading will earn for these companies?
    Your concept of a pollutant is redundant, sure I could take up your challenge and breath pure CO2 for a while, but i could also kill myself breathing pure oxygen or nitrogen or any other natural gas in our atmosphere.

  • @CHo0ZE Exxon and the like earn billions from encouraging us all to burn fossil fuels, realising co2 and other pollutants into the atmosphere. So the try to say co2 isn’t a pollutant and yes your right they aim to earn from carbon trading so they can continue to sell pollutants.

  • @kaieteurdevon
    I'm all for clean energy: hemp fuel, nuclear, zero point lol; plus some wave harnessing machines are efficient enough to be considered viable. I just have an aversion to propaganda and shoddy science, especially when followed by a dangerous oppressive political agenda.

  • @CHo0ZE I agree with you about the clean energy, except Nuclear most definitively isn’t clean, cheap or renewable. Pelamis Wave Power generator is a good option. Businesses protect there income to the death, either their own or the environments, through distorted science, propaganda and often blatant lies.

  • I cycle to work (and everywhere else) I dont own a car. I am greener than 99% of "enviromentalists" yet because I believe Global Warming is a a business not a cause I should die? bunch of hypocrites.

  • At least now we've got something to talk about! (the understanding will come later-maybe)

  • There 10's of TRILLIONS of dollars at stake for those who push this nonsense. The junk science has been exposed. Psuedo-religion and intimidation is all they have left. Obama and Valerie Jarret were on the board of the Joyce foundation which spawned the Chicago Climate Exchange ( they change the names often) to which Gore has a big stake in it's British division. The brain guy was taped saying he expected to see 10T in carbon credits moved per year (cant remember his name).
    Pure Evil.

  • good messege kill all ecologis befor they kill us.

  • This says it all really, climate Nazis.

  • Absolutely sick!!!

  • So the message is that we have to kill every ecologist before they kill us?

  • Reduce your emmissions, or we’ll kill you!
    Have I got the right message here?
    It’s a pleasure to see that Jihad’s Shahid style explosions are a more than acceptable funny joke, from the ecologistic point of view… the important is to kill only the infidels of the ecoreligion instead of the infidels of the islamic religion.
    Ecologism has to be violent, finally the mask is falling. We only have to hope that idiots don’t try to do what other idiots joke about.

  • we don't need this fascist groove thang! (heaven17)
    what a piece of filth, hatred and lies. Death to the NWO.

  • sick movie. are you brain dead??? this is exactly like the witch hunt in the dark ages!! blaming some one for the weather with no reason what so ever!

  • Reduce your carbon emmissions, or we'll kill you.
    Have I got the right message?

  • Hmm, shades of the Khmer Rouge. Lovely.
    Isn't it weird how all leftist utopias wind up the same way?

  • @GreenGiant313
    Its no accident that they all end up being run by murderous dictators, the socialist/communist agenda requires it

  • This is disgustingly sick. It shows the contempt these people have for differences of opinion.

  • The video shows the twisted and aggressive sentiments that many environmentalists feel towards people that don't do what they want everyone to do.

  • That's the problem today with 'activists', there's so much meaning and small 'moral' battles that override and saturate the biggest most traumatic space(s)/issue(s) of our time and then all they end up doing is buying the right products and pointing to things that are wrong (with a, now tired, justice in response to the nazis 'atrocities').

  • @loveandrespect85 always searching for the despot (sea above).

  • What s fantastic film.. :)

  • @Porelax17 Shouldn't that be "what a sadistic film". People being blown up, including children with blood and guts splattered everywhere. If this is meant as a joke it's not a very funny one? Once more, this is not meant as a joke, this is what is going to happen to us, believe me!

  • This is completely sick and gross. Please remove it.

  • just found a row of 500 year old oak trees, taken a chainsaw to the lot. the trunks fell on sweet looking foxes, badgers, chickens , swans, killed the lot, for good measure i went and bought two tons of petrol poured it on the lot and set fire to it.

  • @laurelbush
    Well that was rather stupid of you!
    Just goes to show there's twats on both sides of the fence, who clearly can't think properly.
    Of course, given I don't believe you committed your metaphorical act, then it doesn't matter really.

  • It's a pleasure to see that Jihad's Shahid style explosions are a more than acceptable funny joke, from the ecologistic point of view... the important is to kill only the infidels of the ecoreligion instead of the infidels of the islamic religion.
    Ecologism has to be violent, finally the mask is falling. We only have to hope that idiots don't try to do what other idiots joke about.

  • Now, this black box, with an orange button...
    I wonder if we could reverse the controls...

  • listen -- I have just seen several comments (critical of this video) that were highest-ranked before now un-thumbed and marked as spam... and they were very reasonable and eloquent comments too.
    This is pretty off. Clearly there is a team of people fighting these down and censoring. Just accept free speech guys.... don't be control freaks.
    Personally I'm a life scientist wo believes we are damaging the planet badly... but this video is ethically wrong on many levels.

  • just taken the 22 litre, 1920 tractor out of the barn and left it running you bunch of eco fruitcakem nut wing, fascist ,human killing, charles manson, watermellons.

  • @laurelbush Why?

  • Ecofascism in all its splendor

  • I guess bullying people into getting involved is someones idea of funny.
    I guess the school bullies who grew up into office bullies and caused the mess we are in are still in charge. I guess the morons are still running the show.
    I find it repulsive and it's insulting towards all the people who have made sacrifices over many years to make people aware of their responsibilities to their environment.
    It's not about bullying and lying. You won't make a difference that way.

  • Absolute bollocks. Makes me want to fly a big jet whilst spraying numerous cans of aerosol.

  • Im so outraged at this, I'm gonna go straight home and in protest make as MUCH CARBON EMMISSIONS AS I CAN! lolz.

  • This is a fucking stupid stupid video. You look like a bunch of facists.

  • red button for not performing-
    A third of the 20 worst-performing Japanese funds this year are green funds, with returns down a fifth or more for several of them, according to data from Lipper Inc. By comparison, the broad TOPIX index has lost just 8.6 percent.

  • Are we disbelievers to have a tattoo on our arms for future identification?

  • @Spitfiremacx
    Yes. What design are you planning on getting?
    I think the barcode one will be popular.....!

  • Is this campaign run by mad people?

  • The eco Nazi freaks show how they really think agree or die !
    fuck u commi scum the only thing that's going to die is your AGW SCAM

  • ye just make video showing muslim blowing up chisctans who dont want convert we will se how it work

  • with the fanatics it always ends in bloodshed.
    yellow patches coming next to mark out those for the red button treatment.

  • Sick f*ck.

  • nice nazi anti human propaganda this is discusting..

  • Finally you lot come out of the closet - our way or die.

  • OMF good this is so stupid nazi propaganda....

  • If Radiohead promised to stop touring, then that's probably 1/2 of London's 10% accounted for; airplanes, trucks, people driving to the gig etc.etc.
    Practise what you preach please.

  • Typical Greenie Leftist tactics - follow us or die. No wonder so many of them are inexplicably sympathetic towards other "join us or die" groups such as Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Hamas, etc.
    I'm all for the continued development of electric cars, solar power, etc. But the refusal of so many environmental groups to support nuclear power (which is our best hope of reducing carbon emissions in the short to mid term) has completely turned me off them.

  • @richard20bris That's not quite what they are trying to say. This video is promoting "Greenie Leftist" values, but I assure you, the bit about blowing people up is just a joke. People are taking the joke far too seriously.

  • @bowlofweetbix1 Would you find it funny if Christians did something similar, blowing up gays, or Muslims did something blowing up Jews? Or how about the National Front, blowing up blacks or Indians? Would you consider THAT a joke?

  • @bowlofweetbix1 Sorry, the only way this video is effective for their cause is if people take it as an implied threat. It got me thinking alright, that alot of the folks in the AGW movement should be institutionalized. For their own good and ours.

  • @bowlofweetbix1 The joke is in bad taste. It might be funny to you because it shows what you secretly desire, that all the people that disagree with the emergency of whatever you find emergent, should be blown out. But to the people that have a desire for freedom of thought, the freedom to think different from any group they are within, this video is merely showing fascism. And Fascism is no joke.

  • @bowlofweetbix1 yea a joke for psychos but Greens are only trying to save Mother Gaia who care about blowing kids up. Very sick!

  • @richard20bris
    What a load of tosh. Nuclear energy is not an answer to climate change or any other destruction we humans are causing to the planet. It’s dirty, expensive, polluting and definitely not renewable. It’s not about follow us, or them. We all share the same earth and the same future.

  • @kaieteurdevon
    I suppose you think wind turbines are the future eh?

  • @CHo0ZE Burning dirty fossil fuels are most definitely not the future. We now have much more intelligent ways of harnessing energy than burning things.

  • Climate change communicators should realise that telling people about climate change hell isn't working. Futerra's 'Sizzle: the new climate message' says: 'there is one message that almost every audience responds to. A narrative that changes hearts, minds and even behaviours. An approach needed now more than ever before. And it's the opposite of climate hell. We must build a visual and compelling vision of low carbon heaven.' We need to sell climate heaven, not hell.

  • @ecomissionary "We need to sell climate heaven, not hell."
    The problem is that it's a bogus product that a lot of people want to sell, but no one wants to buy.

  • Comment removed

  • "'If we act according to AGW, harm done' That's where you are wrong."
    You bet he is wrong. Stern and Kyoto want to cut world economic growth by a third to a half. This will result in the premature death of millions worldwide each and every year. It would be an inconvenience to those in the first world (esp. those who are jobless as a result), but it would be a grim reaper in the rest of the world.
    Humongous harm done.

    wow...there you have it, the admission.

  • Typical Richard Curtis bollocks. Love Actually, Girl in the Cafe... nuff said really.

  • After watching this video I'll be increasing my emissions by 200%. If you wanted to reduce the human footprint you should have killed us all during the last war instead of giving us this slow fed green fascism.

  • It`s a little bit cruel, but i like it. =)
    Thank you Gillian! You are so brave! Love U.

  • My hot water is gas so everytime I turn on the hot tap I can go outside and watch the emissions pouring out the unit . Red button this bitches.....

  • Wiki is untrustworthy on the subject. They are considering banning William Connolley and revoking his administrative privileges for having systematically removing any/all skeptical entries, regardless of pedigree (this being contrary to wiki overall policy).
    It is actually quite a scandal. I'm surprised no one seems to have heard of this.

  • This is the worst example of green PR I have ever seen and I am a green PR consultant. The 10:10 team has simply missed the point. PR is about more than grabbing the headlines with a cheap stunt, it's about reputation management and achieving positive results. Some may see the funny side, but can you imagine the outcry if a similar film was made about ethnic minorities or if Christians were joking about non-believers going to hell? This is damaging and counterproductive to the green movement.

  • @ecomissionary - I hear you 100%. This video is wrong on so many moral and intellectual levels. What the hell was Richard Curtis thinking? And why did those "stars" mindlessly jump on the bandwagon?

  • @mikegalsworthy
    When was Gillian's last payday?
    Crouch needs to buy Abby some new jewellery and/or pay for another hooker.
    Ginola is no longer advertising L'Oreal.
    The kids probably thought it was a laugh, so were happy with their hyperactivity-inducing treats they were given.

  • @BoronAlloy Are you serious? I don't know about the others involved, but GA is very rich, she doesn't do these projects for money.
    Anyway she has filmed/is filming a movie and several mini-series for BBC and I'm sure they pay her...

  • Hello? Gillian Anderson didn't get any money for this, she did it for charity, like the other celebs... gosh, use your brain.

  • @BoronAlloy Loool!! - or I think maybe they all just wanted to be part of something really cool and "intellectual" -- wow - a video about contested scientific issues!! that will make me look wise too! -- problem is that if you are a child or unschooled football player -- pfffff....

  • @ecomissionary I think it's time you got out then while you still have some human soul left? The only thing which is changing at the moment is the sun, it's no longer yellow, it's white, and while it's here, it will control our climate!

  • @ecomissionary Along with chemtrails and HAARP of course.

  • In response to this ad I will lead foot my car heaps this weekend (it runs on Petrol! woohoo!) and I will mow my lawn nice and short so it stops absorbing CO2..... I will continue to breathe out with a smug sense of satisfaction knowing I'm contributing CO2 to the atmosphere. And if I see anyone with red buttons whilst I'm going about my life I will grab the nearest axe and deal to the f****kers.

  • @createcoms have just left my car running, actually facing the plants, they are crying
    thank you!
    switched all the lights on in the house and left the hot tap running.

  • @createcoms
    Sounds like you could have a new format for the TV show Deal or No Deal.

  • this video has to be the finest recruiting film for skeptics everywhere.
    well done to the makers.

  • Blowing up people you disagree with?? Including children? Osama would be proud. Retards. Can't believe these "stars" want to be involved - did they even think about it?

  • anything we don't like , its okay to blow up,
    Richard curtis just gave us carte blanche to do it.
    watch out teacher , i hate your voice.

  • "We release 27 billion tonnes into the atmosphere every year."
    Actually, the EPA puts it at c. 7 Billion Metric Tons Carbon. Of this total, c. 4 BMTC is absorbed by the ocean sink (38,000 BMTC), and soil sink (c. 2000 BMTC). The rest accumulates in the atmospheric sink (700 BMTC) resulting in an increase of c. 0.4% per year at present rates. Currently we are at CO2 390 ppm. (0.039% of atmosphere).
    Effect is c. +1C per doubling, but to be reduced by negative feedbacks. A minor effect.

  • @evanmjones1, it is NOT "minor". Atmospheric CO2 IS increasing steadily precisely because of anthropogenic sources. The global warming caused by this increase is definitely beginning to threaten humanity. That is not minor on any sensible definition. Unless you dispute the concept that global warming is linked to the increasing level of CO2. In which case you are going against a very strong scientific consensus.

  • @Hegemoner You are quite correct that CO2 is increasing steadily (at c. 3 ppm per year) because of anthropogenic sources. However, the mild warming resulting from this is no threat to humanity, whatever.
    There is only a threat if there are positive feedback loops. There is no scientific consensus at all on positive feedback. Recent findings show only negative feedbacks in evidence, and no positive feedback whatever. (This will reduce the warming effects of CO2 by around half.)

  • @Hegemoner said "Atmospheric CO2 IS increasing steadily precisely because of anthropogenic sources"
    nonsense, show us the proof,

  • @Hegemoner
    LOL.....there's that infamous word yet again being trotted out.
    In science, there is no such thing as CONSENSUS!
    Empirical evidence/data is what's required, and none of that tallies with what the computer models predict either going forward, or by regression.
    In other words, GIGO - garbage in = garbage out.
    I suppose the IPCC's use of a mountain guide's comments, and getting 2350 mixed up with 2035 is just a simple little mistake?

  • I never believed the climate alarmist claims of runaway CO2 to be either reasonable or scientific. This vile little video proves it. If this doesn't turn people away from these eco-nazi nutters demands then nothing will.

  • I never believed theclimate alarmist claims of runaway CO2 to be either reasonable or scientific. This vile little video proves it. If this doesn't turn people away from these eco-nazi nutters demands then nothing will.

  • then i am going to but some tnt and go and blow up every f....... wind turbine i can find,
    mainly because i find your voice so painfully irritating.

  • in reality the pompous leaders would have been thrown in the river,
    'miss i am going to leave my dads car running, take the longest flight i can and pour petrol down the drain'

  • think they have just scored the biggest own goal, how long before it is removed,
    a real piece of junk even for the watermellon crowd, there again intelligent thinking was never their forte!!

  • Surely this is a hoax... if it is serious... wow. Just wow. Mere written words cannot convey an appropriate response.
    Reported as inappropriate under "hate speech" for good measure.

  • Ah... I get it...
    If some people are not convinced by your beliefs... it's ok to blow them up. Err.. so does that work ok for religious beliefs? We wouldn't really want people going around with bombs in their rucksacks would we?
    OMG .... We have them already??
    Richard Curtis - if this really is anything to do with you, you need to think really hard about what you've just done. And come up with something which undoes the harm you've just caused.
    Or maybe I just don't get it. Actually I do.

  • don't you just want to kick the teacher.
    'how many of you children find my voice irritating'
    agree with us or we will kill you.
    Nasa earth observatory- last 30 years show the northern hemisphere has been greening due it increase of Co2
    add co2 don't take it away!!

  • Can i blow my wife up if she puts plastics in the cardboard bin?
    It might just strike a chord if the judge is a Eco Freak...Mmm?
    If this ain't a p*sstake of the loony left we are in trouble.

  • Well - whether a "believer" or "denier" of man-made global warming, I think we can all agree that:
    1) There are global issues associated with air, food&water, forestation, wildlife, disaster planning/amelioration that need to be taken care of - esp with a booming global population.
    2) This "no pressure" video is fuck-off retarded. Pushing red buttons on children who disagree with you? Fuck you... and I'm an environmentalist.

  • "Humans account for 0.2 percent of the carbon output.Fact. Besides that, global warming is just a natural process."
    No, we account for c. 3% of it and about 40% of that accumulates (the rest is absorbed by natural sinks).
    So, yes, the 1/3 buildup is from man. But so what? It has very little effect except to increase biomass, both plant and animal (esp, in the rain forests). Some effect on temperatures, but not much. Overall, manmade CO2 probably does more good for the environment than harm.

  • I don't know which side of the argument this short film is supposed to be supporting, but either way they've failed utterly

  • The people that made this film will believe that negative comments are justification of the film because it has created a "buzz". Their egocentricity will blind them to the validity of the content of those negative comments.
    It does however bring together "deniers" and "believers", since both groups agree it is an own goal.

  • Fuck the eco-psychos - I'm increasing my carbon foot-print by 100% - and I've got a club-foot!

  • Wow, what a fantastic piece of work. Of course I do realise it's only fiction, a bit like ManMade(up) Global warming, or should that be climate change, or even global climate disruption.
    The warmists don't really want to blow my kids up.; they'd just like to make sure that we all ended up living back in the dark ages.

  • Wow. I think it's called "having a sense of humour, about a topic that's not funny. People are looking a little too much into the 'blowing up' and missing the point of the film. But then I guess there always will be people like that. Just be green, because it's good, whether you believe in global warming or not.

  • Wow. I think it's called "having a sense of humour, about a topic that's not funny. People are looking a little too much into the 'blowing up' and missing the point of the film. But then I guess there always will be people like that. Just be green, because it's good, whether you believe in global warming or not.

  • @brunolives ...and again...just for good measure

  • that was totally STUPID! are they threatening the 'unbelievers"? sorry I don't fall for it....are you going to blow me up now...and splatter my blood everywhere just to prove your point? makes me NOT WANT TO DO what I already do! sheesh! how ridiculously out in FARRRR LEFT can you get!

  • BillWhittleChannel - grow up, you profoundly unintelligent little man. You should be embarrassed about the dizzying lack of comprehension, perspective and humour your absurd comment reveals. You have made yourself look like a bloody fool.

  • Behold the real inconvenient truth; AGW worshipers want their skeptics dead.

  • LOL, imagine the outrage if climate skeptics brought out an ad that showed them killing AGW believers. Something to think about.

  • @meraxes75 Actually no, it isn't, because we're not sociopaths....

  • @meraxes75, there is a big difference. If we act according to AGW, and it somehow turned out incorrect, no harm done, and we would have cleaner industries. But if we follow climate skeptics and they are incorrect, absolute disaster will befall us. NOW, do you see?

  • @Hegemoner "If we act according to AGW, harm done" That's where you are wrong. If AGW is false then all the people losing jobs to companies moving overseas where the taxes don't exist, will be for nothing. What is worse is that those companies overseas have weaker environmental standards than western countries, which means real pollution (sulphur levels, dioxins etc) are far higher than if the same product was produced under more stringent controls.

  • @Hegemoner No harm done, other than the billions who die of starvation, disease, parasites,etc., due to the lack of resources caused by adoption of your AGW policies.

  • Phisean that makes you an ecostanlist advocate of mass murderer. Onto the terrorist watch list with you.

  • This is a great idea! Let's take it a step further. I say we nuke high-carbon emitting third world countries!

  • I want a big red button for all the deniers of science.


  • Comment removed

  • Richard Curtis is either:
    A. Stupid.
    B. The proud owner of a Sports Utility Vehicle.

  • Eco-Stalin.
    Road To Serfdom.

  • 1010 is an eco terrorist group. This video is a perfect illustration of the leftist psyche. Leftists always tout their "tolerance", "love", "acceptance", and "inclusion" while painting right wingers as "fascists", "bigots" and "warmongers". In reality, it is the leftists who are truly intolerant, hateful, narrow minded, and morally bankrupt. Left wingers and every sub group they encompass, such as environmentalists, are among the most disgusting creatures on the planet.

  • @ZebulonWalton, you have mastered the art of the (invalid) argument ad hominem. Perhaps you could move on and try to see whether you can actually mount a valid argument. Human-induced global warming is a real and very serious problem. The absurd denialists on this thread simply cannot see the gallows humour in this film because of their state of denial.

  • @Hegemoner Human-induced global warming is, indeed, a real and very serious problem. In exactly the same way that Witches were a real and very serious problem to the Church of the 14th and 15th Centuries.

  • What a f****d up advertisement. F*** you all you AGW zealots. Even if this was real I would still flip the bird and watch you press the button on me - I'd die with a clear conscience.

  • And the message of this "mini movie" is .... if you believe your cause or grievance is justified, it is OK to wipe out people who disagree with you.
    That's the psychology of terrorism.
    I'm sure this video will NOT raise a laugh in Omagh. The school scene with blood-spattered faces will NOT go down well in Dunblane.
    It this is an attempt at humour, it has gone sadly and badly wrong. I have flagged it as "disgusting" and hope it will be removed without delay.

  • What an appalling video, now their "science" has been shown to be a crock of shit they start trying to scare people. The people who made this are beneath contempt.

  • @oblivionuk , the science of global warming has NOT been shown to be a "crock of shit". If you really think it has, where was this published? You have NO answer of course, because it hasn't happened. Stop making things up, you ignoramus.

  • @Hegemoner That's how you people operate isn't it? no sensible argument so you resort to insults. If there was real evidence then they wouldn't have needed to fake it would they? They've been found out so many times now it's getting ridiculous.
    I suggest people flag this video, no one in their right mind would find exploding children in such a graphic manner appropriate for this site or any other.

  • @oblivionuk, Please tell me in what journal human-induced global warming has been refuted. You can't because it hasn't happened. Do you actually understand how science works? Many thousands of papers in scientific journal support the fact that human-induced global warming is happening and is a serious threat to humanity. You can't just dismiss all that by pointing to a couple of errors in an IPCC report.

  • @Hegemoner A couple of errors? they have been fabricating evidence, leaked emails have proven that. Any studies using that erroneous data will be flawed, you only have to look at the climate change obsessed Met Offices inability to forecast the weather to see what happens when you use bad data.

  • @oblivionuk, there you go just making stuff up again! The leaked emails did NOT show any fabrication of evidence (Wikipedia entry on Climatic_Research_Unit_email_c­ontroversy). Please stop repeating this lie just because it suits your argument.

  • @Hegemoner I suggest you read them for yourself, there is doubt what they've been up to. I also suggest you don't use Wikipedia as a source of information.

  • @oblivionuk, the Wikipedia entry is very thorough and contains links to the relevant reports which I have read in full. Have you actually read any of this yourself? And more importantly, have you ever actually read any substantial material on the real science of global warming as opposed to the mumbo jumbo based on nothing that you seem to swallow holus bolus?

  • The new credo of the left: By any means necessary. What a crock of shit!

  • And now the inquisition begins. All who refuse to bow before the great Goricle ManPigPoodle are to be exterminated. REPENT OR ELSE!
    Less than 50 years ago people like the ones who made this video were treated with pre-frontal lobotomies and electroconvulsive therapy. Watch out climatards, you are really making a good case for those things to come back.

  • So scaring people not working any more? Moved on to thinly veiled threats now?
    Eco-fucktards enjoy your last days of power, you have officially jumped the shark.

  • As someone who agrees climate change is a problem, supports 10:10, cycles and who's house if full on love energy lightbulbs, can I just ask the people who made this film to remove it from youtube, take every copy of the original footage and burn it (and damn the carbon it creates in the process) shred every copy of the script and then NEVER NEVER speak of this crass, moronic unfunny and counterproductive piece of crap. Anyone involved with it should thoroughly embarrassed. I know I am.

  • @dylanpank No, leave it on. To show everyone how leftist do-gooders think.

  • 1010 is disgusting.

  • Why use blood when you could have used BULLSHIT??

  • OMG they had Gillian Anderson killed? OMG! not really awesome! but so glad to see Gillian Anderson on a youtube video! :-D

  • I hate these fucking people. I'm going out to the drive way right now and start up my SUV, let the damn thing run until it's out of gas.

  • thi  is exactly how libatrd delusionals think- they don't LOL

  • Man-made global warming is the biggest scam in human history.

  • @ocontin40 Stop making up ridiculous lies. Go back to school and learn something before spouting nonsense. You actually know less than nothing. As a PhD scientist, I can tell you that man-made global warming is real, and a huge threat to humanity. Some of my friends work on this very topic. Now grow up, for God's sake.

  • @Hegemoner
    Humans account for 0.2 percent of the carbon output.Fact. Besides that, global warming is just a natural process.

  • @Vovk3, not true. We release 27 billion tonnes into the atmosphere every year. This is causing a consistent increase in atmospheric CO2 every year, which in turn, due to the Greenhouse Effect, is warming the planet. It is vey simple Physics, and it IS happening. Why deny the consistent findings of Science for no reason? Oh, that's right, I forgot, the oil and coal companies are behind a lot of Denialism--that is a FACT.

  • @Hegemoner - You say that global warming is real. Nobody said the climate doesn't change, if we ignore the shaft of Mike's Hokey Schtick.
    There is a beautiful prediction of the pattern of warming we should expect to see in the atmosphere if the catastrophe theory has any merit.
    But the predicted tropical hot spot is nowhere to be seeen. Past warming cannot be due to the purported climate mechanisms. Without observation, the scientific method says the hypothesis is falsified.

  • @gufpott , you write pure nonsense. What drug are you on?

  • @Hegemoner
    A less effective one that you must be on.
    Go on then, Dr Hegemoner, explain to us all how we've tipped the planet into runaway-cataclysmic mode.
    Now before you do, please reference how we achieved the Little Ice Age a few hundred years ago, and how Venus-like the planet was when CO2 was 10x higher in concentration a fair few million years ago.
    Can't wait to learn how 400 ppm now is different from 4000 ppm back then.

  • @Hegemoner Oh no, somebody on the intertubes claiming to be a scientist (a PhD no less) is telling me to grow up! Welp, guess he told me!
    Hey Mr science doctor dude, how many humans do you want to exterminate to save the planet? You know humans exhale CO2, right Mr internet science doctor? How many dead humans would it take to decrease the amount of green house gasses we release from our bodies?

  • Richard Curtis actually had a hand in this filth? Hang your head in shame you stupid stupid man! Maybe the actors should have been wearing Nazi or Stalinist uniforms!

  • What a disgrace! The organisation promoting not hatred but murder should be sued! These terrorisits' should be held accountable.

  • What a disgrace! The organisation promoting not hatred but murder should be sued! These terrorisits' should be held accountable.

  • @MountThor
    Who flagged this as SPAM?
    If you don't understand, ask for an explanation or use Google, and read it for yourself.

  • Comment removed

  • Join the lunatic Global Warmification death-cult -- or they will murder you without warning. Like we needed any more evidence that these people are utterly insane.

  • Those of us who aren't PSYCHOTIC and have a scientific background quickly saw that CAGW wasn't science. For those without a scientific background, know this: Fraud is a centerpiece of CAGW "proof". It ISN'T proven. It is a DISPROVEN Hypothesis, yet many people are telling you it's real And strangely, their solutions look EXACTLY like Malthusian delusions & Marxism. The CULT pushing this psychosis has been pondering how to MURDER 90% of humanity for decades. This film is the face of CAGW

  • This video is an example of why everyone thinks Brits are not intelligent.

  • Well, forget the Bible, then. Look instead to established history. Consider that the Medieval Warm Period was as warm (or warmer) than today, the Roman Warm Period, likewise, and the Minoan Optimum, warmer still.
    Yes, I think CO2 has a small influence (maybe a +1C/century per doubling -- or less, given negative feedback). But it appears to be spit in the ocean compared with natural variation.
    This video is arrogant in its certainty and appalling in its delivery. And unfunny.

  • It obviously comes off as a threat given that not everyone in the room dies. If you were making a point that if not everyone joins in then global warming will happen and kill people then why would the people who died in the video happen to be the ones who didn't want to help?
    It makes no sense. And since it makes no sense in that interpretation the obvious real interpretation is that its good to kill people who don't believe in global warming.
    So this is intentionally inspiring murder.

  • "You-will-o-bey-or-be-EX-TER-M­I-NA-TED!!!" Clever, except that it's a ripoff of an old SCTV skit.  They did blow up real good! Perhaps were the tables turned and those that believed in global warming(TM) or climate change(TM), well or whatever they call it now, they might not think it's as amusing.

  • Enviro-terrorists - this is what they want to do - seriously. I think it shoulb be the other way around - the button gets rid of all the enviro wacko's who refuse to acknowledge that every single prediction made by their group has been wrong & that they were caught fudging all the so called scientific evidence & numbers. Climate changes - that's it's job. Climate as a whole has seasons on a macro level - winter, spring, summer, fall lasting for decades & are cyclic.

  • "actually there hasn't been any warming for over twelve years."
    True. mild cooling.
    "And have you even heard of Climategate?"
    I had the intense pleasure to be luxuriantly wallowing in it a full day before CRU hit the fan.
    "Seriously, the jig is up. It's a fraud"
    I doubt it's a complete fraud. But it does appear to have been very greatly exaggerated. And the positive feedback loop ("tipping point") flap now appears to be in scientific tatters.

  • If this is fine, I'm sure you wouldn't mind if someone made a video where they lined up actors who claimed to be part of 10:10 and shot them in the fucking head.
    I suppose that would be ok as long as the people doing the talking had british accents (thus it would obviously just be dark british humor).

  • "Because the " "development" " that needs limiting is specially coming from first world countries. They're the main contributors. And the unfair thing is that third world countries will suffer the consequences first."
    First, I do not concede that there are "consequences". Mild warming such as we have had in the last century has been highly beneficial.
    Second, continuing development in the first world is essential to development (and progression to a postindustrial society) of the third.

  • wow this is fucking insanity, what are you trying to say? Don't go along with your fascist world government and you're dead? If you think that, you've got a war coming, fucking ecofascist pricks

  • guess what? we are all carbon based life forms...i guess we all need to die!
    this is the biggest sham ever foisted upon the weak minded. I'm all for environmentalism but this AGW business is just whacko. methinks there is something else at play behind the scenes..........

  • What sick deluded people developed this concept????

  • What an absolute crock of filth. This video is disgusting.
    AGW is a hoax. The Earth and the Sun have natural cycles that drive the planet's climate. The Sun is putting out more radiation which - shocker - heats up the Earth as it is receiving more solar energy. I am thankful that my climatology professors stuck to their guns and didn't spew this pathetic AGW drivel.

  • Cut your CO2 emissions or we will kill you !
    Give it your best shot assh le.. after watching this video I've decided to increase my CO2 emissions by at least 30% over the next year.

  • @danielearwicker Well, I guess if anyone asks me what I'm doing to fight CO2 emissions, I should just pre-emptively shoot them. They seem to have threatened violence.

  • So, either I do exactly what you say, or you'll kill me. And you monsters have the audacity to claim that fascism is right-wing...

  • Fight against these GW nazis in any way you can. Violence included. These pieces of shit are the biggest threat to your way of life. Destroy them destroy them destroy them!

  • Appalling rubbish. These econazi retards have never read a history book.

  • How vile you eco-facists

  • Urgent psychiatric help needed... really, how more insane this GW thing could get?

  • Wait a minute. This isn't a parody of global warming fascists? I think I'm going to turn up the air conditioning now just for the 10:10 Nazis and everything else I can do to make my carbon footprint as large as possible.

  • How vile you eco-facists.

  • Euro Trash

  • "Who's to say those numbers are not modified to suit *your* argument?"
    USHCN raw data shows +0.14C/century warming per climate station. USHCN1 "modified" data clocks in at +0.59C/century. (USHCN2 is worse.)
    "You're talking about limiting development when population needs it? Who exactly are you talking about?"
    [Satggering in shock] Um, the entire third and fourth worlds? Three quarters of humanity? I beg you to consider this!

  • @evanmjones1 I believe we're not talking about the same thing here. Maybe I misinterpreted you/him.
    Because the " "development" " that needs limiting is specially coming from first world countries. They're the main contributors. And the unfair thing is that third world countries will suffer the consequences first.

  • @GiBeans Bullshit. China and India pollute more than everyone else combined, and Brazil is right behind. NASA's recent surveys show that California is carbon neutral. If CO2 matters, which it doesn't. Which anyone who's read a 5th grade science book knows.

  • @mzmadmike you know what? I don't think anything we say here will make a difference anyway. So f* this. I'm tired. I'm going to bed.

  • what the holy hell were they thinking? I'm reporting this disgusting thing.

  • Just to honor this piece of used cow food pretending to be a movie, I will make a point of producing even more CO2 on 10-10.
    And unlike in the little eco-terrorism delusion of this waste of video, I won't just blow up because some environazi pushes a button as credible as the apocalyptic clap trap AGW believers cling to.

  • This video needs to be flagged by everone as 'disgusting content'

  • These are the new Nazis. It starts like this... making a joke about killing those who disagree with The State, then it becomes acceptable to physically assault, and eventually murder. This is sick, socially unacceptable in Western Civilization, and will not stand.

  • "Cue 'but they cant model clouds' whine the wattsbots are so proud off."
    Two words from a wattsbot moderator: Negative Feedback.
    Cue that.

  • Damnable fascism. No other term for it. Obviously we didn't get them all in '45.

  • "We 'killed' five people to make No Pressure – a mere blip compared to the 300,000 real people who now die each year from climate change."
    What an absurd and patently false statement!

  • This is not about AGW. This is about how the left thinks. People who do not agree with them are simply killed. They think it's hilarious!
    The threat from allowing people who think like this -- these people are religious nuts telling us what they really think about what we should do with heretics, although they will deny it to their dying breath -- is far, FAR greater than anything global warming, or climate change, or climate interruption or whatever name it has this week -- could ever present

  • @BillWhittleChannel "People who do not agree with them are simply killed."
    Do you recall just a short while ago, IPCC chairman Pachauri said he wished skeptics would apply asbestos to their faces every day? And now, after the many IPCC scandals and people calling for him to step down, he says the IPCC welcomes a vigorous and healthy debate with skeptics. Completely unrelated, of course, is Pachauri's business ties that will make him a wealthy man upon worldwide global warming legislation.

  • @BillWhittleChannel How are these people religious nuts? That's offensive even if you are implying conservation's a religion. They are bullies. This tactic not only affects the people bathed in the blood and guts of their former students & coworkers, but also the next time a decision is made, they'll be scared & frantic trying to decide which decision's the right one & hoping he/she made the right decision and gets to keep living. Bizarre Bullying, but not religious.

  • @SouthernLady614 Religious in the same way the Inquisition and the Taliban are religious.

  • Oh wow, this isn't a parody? I don't know how to react to that...

  • Absolutely, utterly disgusting. The message here, apparently, is agree or die. Yeah, I'm won over.

  • Yes, agree with us or we will murder your children. What a wonderful message. So much for democracy and open dialog.

  • Comment removed

  • @LWHExplorations And let's not forget the charming baby left to drown in bath and steam train crashing into little girl efforts. Until now I thought the suiciding animals was the worst. It was obviously aimed at children and adolescents with no thought as to how the suicide theme might affect them. Adults should know better, it's pathetic.

  • One wonders if the Discovery Channel eco-terrorist was able to get an advanced copy of this video before strapping explosives to himself.

  • Why don't they make a video of puppies and kittens being tortured and having their guts pulled out while they are still alive, writhing and wailing in pain... that would send the same message.

  • Create a video so awful and offensive that it gets noticed - the media strategy of terrorism.

  • Ok.. so let me get this straight... agree with making a change and contribution to the larger goals of the government or nation.... or we'll blow you up.... and everyone will have to witness it.... be covered in blood and gore... be emotionally scared and terrified for any possible future non-compliance..... Sounds familiar..... Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off the mark guys.

  • The guys that have been making HUGE amounts of money with the global warming hoax are feeling an increasing pressure to downgrade their claims (see Royal Society recent move) and they have just decided that it's time to start committing murder in order to stop 'enemies', just to maintain the money flowing to their 'research projects'.
    No big news: ADOLF HITLER and his NATIONAL SOCIALISM theory did the same 70 years ago.

  • Not just the disgusting images of kids and people being blown apart and sending blood all over makes this video something to be banned from YouTube, but what's worrying is the underlying message of the people promoting it  -"we'll kill YOU ALL if you don't do what we say!", shows a deeply disturbed mind. These pelple needs to seek psychiatric help FAST! NOW!

  • It's also achingly unfunny.

  • Sep 1, 2010
    SILVER SPRING, Md. — A man who railed against the Discovery Channel’s environmental programming for years burst into the company’s headquarters with at least one explosive device strapped to his body Wednesday and took three people hostage at gunpoint before police shot him to death, officials said.”

  • Neo-Stalinist.

  • Who were the insufferably sanctimonious alarmist retards that thought this was a good idea? Getting a bit desperate are you?

  • If you don't go along with the insane majority you'll be MURDERED!!!
    This video is Terrorism.

  • Is this related to the Discovery Channel shooter?
    Sep 1, 2010
    SILVER SPRING, Md. — A man who railed against the Discovery Channel's environmental programming for years burst into the company's headquarters with at least one explosive device strapped to his body Wednesday and took three people hostage at gunpoint before police shot him to death, officials said.

  • I don't believe in Global Warming anymore, this is a EUGENICS movement?

  • @sabretoothed69 I'll assume you actually DID believe.
    Yes it's a eugenics movement, look at some of the big players, Paul Ehrlich, John Holdren etc..

  • @dancedissadent2
    It all starts with terms like "denier"

  • Eco-fascists' dream, right?

  • Downloaded and archived before it disappears down the memory hole.
    Damn it. there're reasons we have a Second Amendment in America.
    Crap like this? Way high on the list.
    And, see, I know the statists are going to point at me in horror, threatening their earth-loving peaceable selves with, with GUNS! How Barbaric!
    Ignoring the threat that's just been leveled at we dissenters.

  • @50srefugee Good scheme. Ditto.

  • Luddites killing anyone who denies their cherished faith in AGW. Who is this supposed to convince?

  • Kill! Persecute! Death to the Unbelievers! Death! Death!
    You eco-crowd have gone off your fucking heads, do you know that?

    Anybody who asks me if I'll be voluntary cutting my carbon emissions by 10% will immediately have to be neutralized. I think there are too many eco-loons who will get exactly the intended message - kill the skeptics. Really whoever made and posted this should be prosecuted as promoting violence.

    Anybody who asks me if I'll be voluntary cutting my carbon emissions by 10% will immediately have to be neutralized. I think there are too many eco-loons who will get exactly the intended message - kill the skeptics. Really this should be prosecuted as promoting violence.

  • Comment removed

  • @GiBeans
    Do we? What right now? Can't it wait another 5 minutes?
    I won't be investing in cutting Carbon emissions, so am oot!
    Now Beans, aside from Gi standing for Greatly Ignorant, tell us all just exactly what the urgent issue is, and how anything related to reducing plant food will be of benefit to us.
    We're all ears, so wow and dazzle us with your intricate knowledge of all things AGW (that's anthropogenic global wombling.....sorry, warming) - we can't wait to hear what you have to say.

  • @BoronAlloy Who's 'we'? I'll ignore your insults and sarcasm and try to have a decent conversation. If that's even possible since I'm sure you have made up your mind about how GW is all a lie.
    Yes, I am ignorant to many things concerning GW, I am not claiming to know it all. I just can't believe there are so many people in denial of its existence. Even with all the scientific evidence and studies. And climate change itself. It's so obvious that we don't need science to tell us somethings wrong.

  • @GiBeans admits ignorance. You said it! No wonder you've clubbed along with the other ignorati . . . not to mention the charlatans and bent researchers keen to up the funding and give their pointless lives pointless purpose. Before you pontificate on this emergency and quote science take the time to study it - and the mathematics so misused by your alarmist leaders. Soppy fool.

  • @GiBeans "Yes, I am ignorant to many things concerning GW... Even with all the scientific evidence and studies."
    Are you saying that you really don't know the details, but because you've read that there are lots of studies that say it's true, it must be true?
    I was at that point a few years ago, until I researched to find out how bad it might get, and read the studies. The case for catastrophic AGW is so thin and exaggerated, no wonder they have to go for commercials like this to sell it.

  • @codehead1 No, that's not what I'm saying. You have intentionally misquoted me.
    And unless you have dedicated your professional life to studying GW, you can't claim to know *everything* there's it to know about it either.
    But I do think that if the unquestionable majority of scientists believe in those studies, they have a reason for it. And so do other people to believe them.
    And I also think it's a very comfortable position to negate the findings and pretend that nothing's happening.

  • @GiBeans "You have intentionally misquoted me."
    Wow--chill my friend, and re-read my message--I *asked* "Are you saying that...?"--how can that be intentionally misquoting you?
    >"the unquestionable majority of scientists believe in those studies"
    Which "those studies"? How on Earth do you know it's the majority of scientists, much less the "unquestionable majority"?
    Whether it's the farce "2,500 scientists" the IPCC claims, etc... maybe you should question just a few things--it's healthy.

  • @GiBeans "the findings..."
    There are "findings" that show that current temperatures are not unusual over even the past 1000 years.
    "The findings" show that Glacier National Park's glaciers have receded to an alarming degree over the past century. "The findings" also reveal they started their rapid loss in the mid 1800's, and that they lost most of their mass in the early part of the 20th century--not the latter part.
    There are many "findings"--I'd be happy to debate this in any public forum.

  • @GiBeans actually there hasn't been any warming for over twelve years. And have you even heard of Climategate? Seriously, the jig is up. It's a fraud. Kyoto was worthless and Copenhagen was a pathetic joke. The US will never adopt cap and trade. You climate alarmists lost the debate. Sorry, but no one is buying this garbage anymore. And threatening to blow up "deniers" (even in a funny way) doesn't help your cause. You and Uberhypocrite Al Gore are done.

  • Comment removed

  • @GiBeans
    How is climate change (AGW) so obvious? Give me some examples.

  • Comment removed

  • @GiBeans Your personal local experience is not evidence of man made global warming. I have not noticed these radical extremes in weather where I live. We get floods and fire but they are cyclical. Why should global warming be obvious to people who haven't had the experiences you have? Check out the bible you'll find flood, famine and climate change go back a long way. As does the idea mans sin is the cause of it all.

  • @shiftyd100 first sentence - agreed.
    but bringing up the bible, seriously? Please let's don't bring religion into this. Isn't this tediously polemic enough as it is?
    As I said 20 min ago, I'm going to bed.

  • @GiBeans I brought up the floods and droughts cause they happened. Personally I'm an atheist. I'm just saying climate change has a history and weather extremes are hardly a new thing. Religion shows the problems with jumping to conclusions about what caused these events from stories rather than evidence. Sorry I'll let you sleep I just didn't want you to think I was trying to convert you. Goodnight.

  • @GiBeans "The science behind gravity is settled." Isaac Newton.
    "No it's not." Albert Einstein.
    "The science behind relativity is settled." Albert Einstein.
    "No it's not." Paul Dirac.
    It's piss-poor science, considering that the Earth has had 20 X the CO2 with COOLER TEMPERATURES, and that, based on a billion year average, we're currently 10C BELOW average, and coming out of a glacial stage.
    It's getting warmer? No shit. In other news, the sky is blue.

  • @mzmadmike Nice way of putting it. Thanks for reminding me of that theory.

  • @GiBeans everybody thinks the times they are living in as the "most extreme!"
    in the 1970's everyone thought we were slowly freezing to death, and that the world was already 'overpopulated'
    we were already supposed to have exhausted the worlds oil supply 20+ years ago
    pollution of the lakes, rivers, and even the oceans was so catastophic that eating fish was unimaginable. plankton dead, thus whales would die out, with the rest of the food chain
    and yet we go on... and on... and on...

  • @GiBeans
    Sorry, what's wrong exactly?
    Surely you're not alluding to the recent monsoon flood being a direct result of AGW?
    If you accept the Little Ice Age did happen, then all that's happened is the planet has naturally been coming out of it.
    CO2 is not, yes that's NOT, a good insulator.
    It is an easily measurable and identifiable gas, which the vested-interest groups can use to extract money from governments for on-going research, who in turn have an easy way to increase taxes in turn.

  • @dowdenboy Offensive ?? so you were offended where you?
    get a grip and give yourself a slap soft southern puff.  it's a film Jesus

  • Clearly the group that put this out are well on the way to becoming terrorist scum

  • You idiots. This is fantastic. As a denier I can only say thank you, thank you so very much for this. Words cannot express my gratitude for this incredibly stupid and offensive effort.

  • @shiftyd100 I've put it on my facebook LOL.
    The few non-sceptics will see what these bastards are really about & I mean the VERY few after they heard the way Algore was indoctrinating kids.

  • @DrDave953 Yeah just put it on mine. The great thing is they're totally blind to how stupid this is. The more we criticize it the more stubbornly they'll defend it. They're using more and more extreme shock tactics. It's a sure sign of desperation and it doesn't work for long.

  • I'm sorry. Fuck. Fuck you hypocrites. Fuck off, right now.
    Was that the effect you were going for?

  • @dancedissadent2 "Which part of atmospheric radiative transfer physics is wrong?"
    I would say probably the bit that disregards little things like those little understood clouds, convection, humidity as regards the measurement of Earth energy, you know, just minor stuff!

  • @DrDave953
    Except they arent, only the liar bloggers claim they are. Still fed lies repeat lies, monkey see monkey do. Cue 'but they cant model clouds' whine the wattsbots are so proud off.

  • @dancedissadent2 I suggest you tell the modellers & the Royal Society that they fully understand & correctly model clouds then. They admit they don't LOL!

  • Sickos, how do you expect this to be received within anything but contempt.

  • I bet comrade Stalin would love to have that little button.

  • Join 10/10 or we'll kill you??? Huh! No pressure indeed..

  • This is a bad, bad video. This provides no reasons for cutting emissions at all, it just serves to inflame and provoke deniers. Sorry, Curtis, I love your work, but this is counterproductive and silly. I say this as one who is absolutely convinced that we're on the path to a Venusian hell-planet due to the wilful denial of our masters, who'll be dead anyway by the time global warming reaps its toll.

  • @Benylor
    Nonsense, the planet is not in any way, shape, or form, at a tipping point!
    You who hang onto the coat-tails of the vested interest groups and individuals are akin to the Pied Piper and the rats following him.
    Go do some research, and you'll soon see the crap fed into the modelling computers doesn't tally with the data being recorded by the genuine honest scientists, ignored by the IPCC because they're not toeing the propaganda line.
    Just as Chicken Licken found, the sky isn't falling!

  • @Benylor Try telling the 2M+ people that die of AIDS in Africa that climate change is a threat,
    Or the 1M+ that die of malaria, or the millions that die because they don't have potable water or electricity or because of despotic regimes and countless other causes.
    Tell them that a fictional 300,000 are dying of climate change!

  • @DrDave953 So you think AIDS and Malaria and other equally real problems invalid Global Warming?
    What's the correlation?

  • @GiBeans No correlation, just putting it in perspective, especially as the deaths due to AGW are putative, not measured.

  • @GiBeans - to paraphrase, "CO2 and increased warming? What's the correlation?"
    Check out the maths fool, around 0.21 to 0.17 depending on the data tracked (itself already bastardised and murdered to suit desired 'findings') = a low correlation.
    Certainly not one strong enough to rush backwards and limit development at a time when most of the population urgently need it.

  • @MeMyselfI258 Can you ever talk to someone who has a different opinion without pointlessly insulting them?
    Who's to say those numbers are not modified to suit *your* argument?
    You're talking about limiting development when population needs it? Who exactly are you talking about? I think before convenience and commodity, people need water, food supply, healthy environment, livable areas that are not affected by constant storms and floods... you know, the basics. That's what's threatened by GW.

  • @GiBeans
    The storms and floods, etc are the propagandists tools - sell doom and gloom, offer hope and salvation......for the right price of course!
    Cynical - you bloody well should be, instead of swallowing everything they feed you.
    Spend some time, or a lot, and do some investigating - then, and only then, will you be able to say you've made your own mind up, rather than having it made up for you.
    Seriously, do it.

  • YIDS!
    Why's everyone so worked up about this? - Its just saying people who don't care about climate change are essentially killing themselves, its done in this way to be attention grabbing and done in a HUMOROUS way. What i don't like about climate change preachers is that they are usually massive hypocrites (Al Gore as a very good example)!!! x

  • @ILikeGAMESish
    Richard Curtis is a cunt.

  • This is psychological viral video, that fills people with hate. It's done on purpose. Worse than what we see on a day to day basis..... but they're getting away with it because it's under the banner of "eco-friendly"

  • PS - for you warmists who want to stifle human development - I bet a lot of the Greenpiss types would actually like to wipe us all out really and leave the world to the newts and frilly flutterbies - in the name of curbing the carbon monster, post the proof that it is an agent and can be attributed to any significant degree of global warming. Oh, you can't 'cos it doesn't exist!

  • Typical that a bunch of self important, deluded and unscientific lefty loonies would stoop to a pathetic, such a truly pathetic, stunt now they are on the back foot.
    Unfortunately it's as bad as Curtis' recent films. Pitiful. And just a little alarmist no? Ah, well business as usual then.

  • why are people taking this so damn seriously? calm down. the whole blowing people up is suppose to be funny, a joke... ha ha? jeesssshhh. you guys are fucking whiny.

  • okay realllly funny...but WTF?! its crazy lol

  • Absolutely brilliant vid!

  • You weirdos really think joking about killing opponents to your half baked unscientific falsehoods about the climate - and the 'need' to ruin economies and limit the life chances of millions, for nothing - is a good idea. Tossers.

  • shove your global warming up your ass!
    i'm going to go out of my way now to UP my carbon foot print after watching that pile of complete and utter garbage!

  • @dancedissadent2
    is name calling the best you can come up with, when will you be moving up to threats of violence?

  • @KINELL1234
    Stop cwying ickle child. I asked what part of the science was wrong, you offered none. Vaccuous posts do not get polite messages.

  • @dancedissadent2
    Science, such an abused term. Good at abuse aren't you. What possible connection with science can you offer for this lamentable ad?

  • @KINELL1234 Note, no answer to me after I mentioned that the Royal Society & the climate modellers admit they don't understand & correctly model clouds!

  • BLOODY hysterical if you ask me! 

  • Who gives a toss about the video, they are talking about saving the planet.

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  • BLOODY hysterical if you ask me!
  • Who gives a toss about the video, they are talking about saving the planet.
  • My jaw has hit the floor. How did the makers of this film ever imagine it would be persuasive to anyone who isn't already convinced?
    It's like they hired Bin Laden as a consultant on what would win people over.
  • I'm sure M.I.A's video for 'Born Free' was banned for using similar effects to these.
    The irony is that the former video stood against the segregation that this seems to condone.
  • I could happily watch the entire planet and everyone on it burn if it meant an end to that sanctimonious little tit, Richard Curtis.
  • Pahahaa! Brilliant.
  • It's like Battle Royale, but shit and offensive and counterproductive
  • To quote Franny Armstrong (Age of Stupid director):
    "Because we have got about four years to stabilise global emissions and we are not anywhere near doing that. All our lives are at threat and if that's not worth jumping up and down about, I don't know what is."
    "We 'killed' five people to make No Pressure – a mere blip compared to the 300,000 real people who now die each year from climate change,"
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  • What a bloody bloody awful video. Exactly which twerp thought this would not be a huge propoganda coup for the denier?
  • @dancedissadent2
    deniers? do you still believe that nonsense? really? this video shows how desperate the pro AGW lot are getting. I prefer to be considered a 'realist' btw
  • @KINELL1234
    World experiances its warmest year on record and the antiscience goons are still celebrating victory. Which part of atmospheric radiative transfer physics is wrong my anti science friend?
  • @dancedissadent2
    is name calling the best you can come up with, when will you be moving up to threats of violence?
  • @dancedissadent2 it's certainly bloody...
  • Richard Curtis is a genius.

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